Succubus, Playful Sadist, Enchantress, Abductrix, Prison guard, Strict Teacher, Sadistic Nurse, Vampire Queen, sissy Trainer, pet Handler, primal Predator, Huntress, Fetishist, Kinkster, and Hedonist. you may address Me as: Mistress, Miss, Ma’am, Queen, or Goddess. Born in Canada and travelling to new and exotic destinations.

Welcome, to a world where pleasure and freedom intertwine. I am Mistress Mayliza, an audacious world travelling Professional Dominatrix dedicated to curating extraordinary BDSM vacations and indulging in immersive role plays that will transport us to the heart of our deepest desires.

Surrender yourself to a sublime getaway, where the boundaries of reality blur, and tantalizing dreams become vivid realities. With My expertise and passion for the art of role play, bondage, domination, and sadomasochism I will guide you on an enchanting journey, where pleasure, pain, exploration, submission, and liberation converge.

Whether you are a seasoned connoisseur or a new explorer finding your footing, I specialize in creating customized, BDSM vacations that cater to any level of player. Picture yourself immersed in rich scenes across enchanting locales, where every detail is carefully orchestrated to stimulate your senses and leash the slave within.

From opulent dungeons to secluded seaside villas, all destinations are handpicked and exclusive and provide the perfect backdrop for uninhibited exploration. Together, we will dive deep into fantasy, dance with power dynamics, and ravish the thrilling chemistry created with each scene.

Savor the beauty of surrender as I guide you through psychological subjugation, sensory exploration, and meticulously crafted sessions tailored to fit our overlapping desires. Each encounter will be an intricate dance of trust, exploration, kink, and acquiescence, leaving you with memories that will reverberate long after our time together.

As a Dominatrix with over 14 years of experience, I understand the transformative power of BDSM and the importance of fostering authentic connections beyond the bounds of our in person sessions and thus offer long distance online Domination. Through ongoing mentorship, I can provide guidance, support, and a safe space for you to explore your journey of self-discovery and expression into slavehood.

Embrace your innermost desires, for they are the stepping-stones to liberation. Allow Me to be your trusted confidante, your skilled guide, and your devious partner in pleasure. Together, we will script unforgettable chapters, unleashing the raw energy that courses beneath our skin.

But remember, I am selective in whom I guide on these transformative odysseys. Approach Me with respect, curiosity, and a sincere willingness to explore. The canvas of your seductive voyage awaits, and I am here to guide you towards ecstasy, liberation, and a life beautifully enriched by the power of Domination; My wish is your command.

I will absolutely not participate in:

  • diapering
  • scat
  • sex
  • under-age minors
  • any illegal activity

Under no circumstance will I:

  • submit
  • switch

Fill out My contact form now and give into your absolute submission.

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