• Butt plugs
  • Electrified insertable
  • Fisting
  • Vibrators
  • Strap-ons
Mistress demands that you have a clean passage before a session - if you are unsure or do not have an enema bag, you can be trained and given your own for a fee.
  • With ladyboy or with Mistress’s personal slave.
Double fees to have a ladyboy in session. Pictures upon request, and session deposit required.
To be negotiated, not all forms of body worship will be accepted, depending on the context.
  • Cages
  • Collars
  • Cuffs
  • Chastity
  • Dungeon irons
  • Gags
  • Kinbaku (intermediated, suspension)
  • Plastic wrap
  • Predicament Bondage
  • Shackles
  • Stocks
  • Shibari (artistic, no suspension)

There are so many creative ways Mistress can tie and or torture your genitals, too many to list all of them in fact...

  • ball busting
  • weights 
  • Urethral sounds 
  • needles
  • hot wax
  • ice
  • rope and twine bondage
  • trampling
  • pinching
  • whipping

View implement gallery for a list and note that new implements are constantly being added to the repertoire, mention any specific implements if Mistress does not have it she may stock it, can or cannot leave marks please specify if no marks are wanted

  • Whips, floggers, paddles, canes, straps, cats, single tails, etc.
  • Various roles may be played to accompany such punishments.

Is BDSM new to you and your partner? Come visit Me and I can help initiate and go over basics, once you get the hang of it you can use the space supervised or unsupervised.

  • Couples training session
  • Teaching one partner to dominate

What better place to get in touch with your feminine side, do you see yourself more as a blonde, brunette, redhead? Are you more of a classy lady or a slut? There’s no judgement here, Mistress will tailor your makeover to your inner feminine self and teach you how to embrace it in her very own fluffy boudoir.

  • Complete or partial makeovers 
  • Wigs
  • Shoes
  • Makeup
  • Clothes
  • Stockings

Give over control, and let Mistress guide your fantasies. My wish is your command.

One of Mistress’s favourites, whether it’s punishment or pleasure, incorporating electricity into any session adds an extra level of fun.

  • Tens
  • Shock collars
  • Violet ray machine
  • E-stims 
  • Cattle prods

Awaken your senses to something on the lighter side of BDSM, sometimes called Tie and Tease or Sensual Play - this is a great session idea for a curious beginner

Note, that the space is thoroughly sanitized before and after each session.

  • Physical – face slapping, spitting, performing degrading acts
  • Verbal – making fun of penis, name-calling, penis belittlement
  • Display – public or private, such as human-ashtray, being made to act like a dog, being used as a footstool, and so on. 

Extra charge for Mistress to wear latex during a session.

Upon request.

From Doctor/Nurse and patient roleplay to all sorts of invasive, sexual, painful, or downright humiliating procedures.

There are so many good roleplay possibilities, it is nigh-impossible to list them all:

  • Officer / prisoner 
  • Nurse / patient
  • School Teacher / student
  • Trainer / pet 
  • Boss / employee 
  • Secret agents
  • Domme / sub
  • Hero / villain 
  • Librarian / reader
  • Abductrix / kidnappee
  • Blind folds
  • Gags
  • Hoods
  • Earmuffs

Almost any food can be sloshed/smeared over one’s body, get sticky or slippery, or perhaps you’d like to lick cake from between Mistresses toes?

Experience 24/7 chastity. You must meet with Mistress at least once a week for a one-hour video chat.

Enjoy 24/7 servitude and beautiful Thai vistas. Long-term sessions for sissies, slaves, masochists, pets, and subs alike.

For slaves/subs/masochists: have all your rights stripped away and walk into the perfect setting for servitude, be forced to eat off the floor, sleep in bondage and chastity or perhaps a cage depending on Mistress’s mood. Get woken up in the middle of the night for service or torture. Learn to follow the strictest protocol at home and in public. Learn Mistress’s every desire and be forced to execute each desire perfectly or you will be punished. Mistress will keep you guessing what comes next with Her sadistic and playful imagination. From bath slave to crash test dummy for Mistress’s enjoyment, you will be Mistress’s toy to be used as She sees fit. 

For sissies: Let go of your male identity! Stay in the fluffy boudoir filled with the girliest clothing and accessories, and learn to be a perfect little whore or lady for Mistress. From makeup and learning to walk in heels, to tea service, to learning how to suck and take it like a whore. Mistress loves Her sissies, teaching them to be feminine while using them as Her personal doll, the possibilities are endless!